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Bundesliga wrap up match day 24

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Dortmund thrashed Bayern in this week’s top match, and some of the teams in the relegation zone break their recent patterns and make the fight for survival more interesting. Here is the Bundesliga wrap up for match day 24. Read the rest of this entry


King Lear, Bundesliga edition

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Shakespeare’s King Lear is about a king who loses his mind, and the characters around him do nothing to stop him. These days Bundesliga fans can watch a somewhat similar situation emerge at Werder Bremen, where the long serving king Thomas has lost his grip.

The league’s longest serving coach (11 years) has had a tough year so far. In the beginning of the season the club lost its star midfielder, Mesut Özil, and their star defender Naldo has been out for the entire season. Schaaf has throughout the whole season tried to make a brave face, and stated that the situation at some point had to turn around. The board of directors and the fans at Bremen have so far believed the most beloved coach in the Bundesliga. Read the rest of this entry

Bundesliga wrap up match day 23

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“Der Club” from Nürnberg and the 96’ers from Hannover continue their fairytale seasons. Dortmund and Bayern win their matches, before their clash next weekend. Leverkusen is still 10 points behind Dortmund, and Gladbach snatched their first home victory of the 10/11 season. Here is the Bundesliga wrap up for match day 23. Read the rest of this entry

Red Bull, the future of football?

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The name SSV Markranstädt was widely unknown until Red Bull purchased 49% of the team, renamed it RB Leipzig, and planned to conquer the Bundesliga with it in the next 8-10 years. Will this model be more widely used in the future?

Football purist were, of course, up in arms about this purchase. Companies like Red Bull shouldn’t be able to use small local clubs and turn them into a soulless entity that solely exists to get consumers to buy more gummy-bear like tasting soft drinks.

Even tho RB Leipzig aren't allowed to use Red Bull's name in their club name, their club logo leaves very little doubt about who the owner is.

What these people conveniently forgot to mention is that already a number of Bundesliga clubs are run with the same model. Hoffenheim have lived of Dietmar Hoff’s money, Wolfsburg fuel their economy with Volkswagen money, and Bayer Leverkusen have been fed with the money of pharmaceutical company Bayer. Read the rest of this entry