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March madness? The “new” kids are on the block

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Yes, you might have read tons of stuff about the trainer carrousel in the Bundesliga these past few days. But, let’s take a step back and see what the changes the clubs in the league have made will bring us.

One of the most astute questions that is asked by foreign relations experts is: “Why are you doing this, and what will you achieve by doing this?” In my book the board of any football club should ask themselves the same question, before bowing to public outcry and pressure before taking rash actions.

However, in the last few weeks a number of clubs have chosen the most drastic action a club can take, and fired their head coaches. Let’s run down the list, and see if all the sackings that have happened in the last few weeks were the right thing to do. Read the rest of this entry


Cisse vs. Gekas

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The two of them were the leading goal scores of the autumn campaign, today their teams play each other.

The clash of the goal scoring titans is just hours away, and it looks like both strikers have overcome their injury problems and will start the match for their respective sides. So what kind of match can we expect when “The Breisgau Brazilians” take on “The Eagles”?

Freiburg have in the past weeks shown that they somewhat can replace Cisse, and have gathered 5 points from the first three games of their spring campaign. Frankfurt on the other hand have lost all three games, and haven’t scored a single goal. Adding into the equation that Freiburg are playing at home, the team from Baden Würtenberg emerge as the clear favorites for this game. Read the rest of this entry