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In the lions den: Musings from my roadtrip to watch HSV vs. Gladbach

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Germany has changed a lot since I moved to Norway more than a decade ago. But, the one thing that hasn’t changed for me and all Werder fans in the time that has passed is our relationship to the Hamburger SV.

Give me any German pop culture reference of the recent past, and I won’t get it. Long gone are the days of me watching German television, and me trying to keep up with what ”the kids call music”. Even tiny things surprise me these days when visiting Germany. On my first day here in Germany I found myself marveling over a new drink, an unholy alliance of coke and red wine. But, it wasn’t the fact that German youth have started to drink crap instead of the lovely German local beer, but the fact that the drink was called ”Kalte Muschi”, which can be translated into English as ”Cold Pussy”. (Not having tasted the stuff, I honestly cannot say if the name of the product actually is a taste note.)

Kalte Muschi is actually a drink associated with the FC St. Pauli.

The cultural phenomena of stand up comedy has reached Germany, and stand ups like Mario Barth have successfully used shock value as a way of selling themselves and the German public has finally taken to it. Now it seems that pushing the envelope in the distasteful direction is a marketing strategy, selling soft drinks, tickets to stand up shows, books etc., and Germans seem more accepting of that strategy than they did a decade ago. A more consumer driven, cut throat country has emerged, hardened by the recent economic instability, and somewhat less kind than it was 10 years ago.(Or, the last 12 years in Norway have simply made me more sensible, or turned me into a ”Muschi”, if you want to keep it dirty and German.) Read the rest of this entry


Bundesliga wrap up match day 24

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Dortmund thrashed Bayern in this week’s top match, and some of the teams in the relegation zone break their recent patterns and make the fight for survival more interesting. Here is the Bundesliga wrap up for match day 24. Read the rest of this entry

Bundesliga wrap up match day 23

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“Der Club” from Nürnberg and the 96’ers from Hannover continue their fairytale seasons. Dortmund and Bayern win their matches, before their clash next weekend. Leverkusen is still 10 points behind Dortmund, and Gladbach snatched their first home victory of the 10/11 season. Here is the Bundesliga wrap up for match day 23. Read the rest of this entry

Bundesliga wrap up match day 22

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Bayer Leverkusen shortened the gap between them and Borussia Dortmund down to 10 points, Bayern Munich continued their good run at home, while the troubles continue for Mönchengladbach and Stuttgart. Read the rest of this entry

Whatever happened to you, Buzz Aldrin?

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Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. He was the second man to walk on the moon, and therefor he never reached the fame of Neil Armstrong, and never got his moment in the spotlight. One might say, history has forgotten Buzz Aldrin. Football is full of stories about players that were set to change history, but that never got there. Here is the story of Marco Villa.

It is the fourth match day of the 96/97 season. Gladbach are 1-0 down, and coach Bernd Krauss has to turn around the game against a strong Werder Bremen side. He looks to the bench, and on it he finds a boyish looking 18 year old, with curly hair. His name is Marco Villa, and coach Bernd Krauss is betting on him to change the course of the game. Villa fails to do that, but his vigorous performance gives him a place in the starting line up in the next home match against the Hamburger SV. It takes Villa exactly 20 minutes before he gets the ball into the net. Villa is 18 years and 50 days old on that day, and is to this day the youngest goalscorer for Borussia Mönchengladbach. Read the rest of this entry

Bundesliga wrap up match day 21

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This weekend taught us that Manuel Neuer is one of the best, if not the best, goalkeepers in the world. Cologne and Stuttgart came back from being down 2-0 and won their games, let´s dive right into this weekend´s action. Read the rest of this entry

Everybodies second favorite team

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“Hells Bells” of Australian legends AC/DC is ringing out of the speakers, and the fans have come to see a fight. No, I am not describing the atmosphere just before a boxing match, but the way FC St. Pauli start their home games. Here is why everybody in Germany loves the FC St. Pauli.

Above: St. Pauli entering the pitch.

Considering how St. Pauli start their games, the word romantic doesn’t pop into ones mind immediately. But, as a matter of fact, it is the best word to describe the fans of the club from Germany’s most sinful area. Being placed in a part of Hamburg that has embraced prostitution, strip joints, cabaret, theaters and a vibrant nightlife, most of the club’s fan

The fans of St. Pauli have made the skull and crossbones their very own and special sign.

base is left leaning political. The fans of the club embrace multiculturalism, and a fan environment free of sexism or any other kind of mundane bigotry. St. Pauli’s fans have always fought against those things vigorously. An example of that should be mentioned: When the German version of the magazine Maxim put up an ad-board at the Millerntor that displayed a female in a compromising position, both male and female fans of the club rallied the club to get the board removed(which it ultimately was).There is just this certain touch of rock’n’roll mentality to the club’s fans, that makes St. Pauli so appealing beyond the boarders of Hamburg.
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