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Yet, another detour through history

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The match between Germany and Italy is just moments away. Yesterday we looked at the history between those two sides. Let’s take another detour through history and look at the historic moments each of them have produced on their own.

The memories of football fans is very selective. I certainly do remember my favorite team’s(Werder Bremen, if you must know) win of the double in 2004 very vividly. Other things, like last weekend’s awful performance, they are just

The German national getting ready for an away match against Italy in 1929. Germany won this match 2-1. (Source: Bundesarchiv)

lingering at the back of my mind. Resting, still there, as a stored memory, but never coming to the forefront of my mind. They elude me. Italian victories are in that category, so are German defeats. When Germany and Italy are going up against each other, I am always supporting my Germans. However, I gave myself the task of retrieving some of these memories that have eluded me, and I put together this little selection. I have chosen five historic moments produced by each of these sides, and they include memories I wish I didn’t have and sheer moments of joy, glory and the memory of the feeling you felt at that very moment. I have put them together in a mix that will hopefully delight you, dear reader! Read the rest of this entry


Germany vs. Italy, a couple of pointers

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Tomorrow it is once again time for the clash of the titans of European football. Between them Germany and Italy have seven World Cup wins, and four European Cup wins. Let’s rehash some of the greatest moments from previous encounters, and break down the stats between the two sides.

Germany’s boogie man has always been Italy. “Die Nationalmannschaft” has never won a match against Italy in a European Cup or World Cup setting. Read the rest of this entry