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March madness? The “new” kids are on the block

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Yes, you might have read tons of stuff about the trainer carrousel in the Bundesliga these past few days. But, let’s take a step back and see what the changes the clubs in the league have made will bring us.

One of the most astute questions that is asked by foreign relations experts is: “Why are you doing this, and what will you achieve by doing this?” In my book the board of any football club should ask themselves the same question, before bowing to public outcry and pressure before taking rash actions.

However, in the last few weeks a number of clubs have chosen the most drastic action a club can take, and fired their head coaches. Let’s run down the list, and see if all the sackings that have happened in the last few weeks were the right thing to do. Read the rest of this entry


Bundesliga wrap up for the 19th match day

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Did you miss any of this weekend’s Bundesliga action. Don’t despair, I will from now on give a quick summation of every match day on this blog. So, let’s dive right into it. Read the rest of this entry

The Happel curse

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Ever since Ernst Happel left the club, the Hamburger SV has struggled to live up to the fans expectations. Here is why.

It was easy to spot the relief on Armin Veh’s face after the HSV 1-0 victory over an injury-plagued Eintracht Frankfurt

Armin Veh has already won one Bundesliga championship with VfB Stuttgart. Will he be able to lead the HSV to glory?

side. Before the start of the spring season Veh was amongst the league’s  top contenders to loose his position as a coach. Veh has somewhat managed to pull his head out of the noose with two rather dodgey 1-0 victories. However, it is unclear if Veh is able to keep his job if his team doesn’t continue to win games. 
The revolving door policy

Standards in Hamburg are high. The press and the fans are expecting a top three finish every season, and glorious Champions League matches. Ever since Ernst Happel left the club the reality has been a different one. The club managed to win the league twice, the cup once and the European Cup once during the reign of the Austrian.(The European Cup turned later into the Champions League).

After Happel left the club a total of 17 coaches during 23 years have tried to lead the club to success. (Here is a list over all the coaches the HSV has had since the start of the Bundesliga in 1963). All of them failed. Giving coaches less then two seasons to establish themselves is generally believed to be a mistake. Thomas Schaaf needed a total of four seasons to win his first title with Werder Bremen(excluding the

Glory days: Lars Bastrup (r.) stops the BFC-player Hans Jürgen Riediger in an European Cup match in 1982.

DFB-Cup he won a couple of month after he had taken charge of Bremen). I do not believe that Hamburg ever will win another title if they give their coaches less then two seasons to establish themselves at the club. Coaches like Happel, who win the league in their first season, are rare. If Hamburg is trying to find another Ernst Happel, they will have to wait for the next title for a really long time.

Money fixes
Money will certainly buy you a couple of hours of “loving” on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, but the HSV has spent its money even more unwisely then those who frequent the Reeperbahn. The signing of Ruud van Nistelrooy seems to go into the history of the club as another signing that wasn’t worth the effort the club put into it. The Dutchman arrived with a history of injuries, but the HSV still chose to trust his abilities. Now that van Nistelrooy has stayed with the club for just one year he wants to move again. Roughly the same thing happened with Rafael van der Vaart, and a number of different players.

Furthermore, the club has made a number of really poor, costly signings. Cristian Raul Ledesma is one such example.

Costly and ineffective: Cristian Raul Ledesma played a total of 16 Bundesliga matches, not scoring a single goal. Here he is in the jersey of Olympiacos.

However, it has to be remarked that coaches who don’t get to stay for more then a year or a year and half have a hard time to form the team that they have in mind. A manager needs at least two transfer windows, sometimes even four or five transfer windows, to form a team that he is happy with.

If Veh isn’t given more than a season to prove himself at the club, he will most certainly fail like all the of the other 16 coaches that have tried their luck after Ernst Happel left. And like all of them, he really didn’t get the chance to prove himself either.

Update: the Bundesliga for newcomers segment will be finished this weekend, so stay tuned.
Should Armin Veh stay at Hamburg? Leave a comment below.

Time honoured tradition

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With Mainz and Hannover at the top of the table, many clubs have stayed behind their expectations. Here is a list over the managers that might have to look for new employment very soon.

Ralf Rangnick decided to take his hat and leave Hoffenheim after the club decided to sell Gustavo.

The coach of the club is the first guy who has got to go when the team isn’t performing. Most people were hit by a shock when the news broke today that Ralf Rangnick would leave Hoffenheim. Rangnick is the fourth coach that has to leave his club in the 10/11 season. Many Bundesliga experts had expected some of the clubs in the league to change their personal, but Rangnick was considered to be save.

Everyday I love you less and less

While the Hoffenheim fans haven’t fallen out of love with Ralf Rangnick, a number of fans are falling out of love with the men who are steering their clubs.

Steven McClaren

The Brit arrived in the Volkswagen city Wolfsburg with the Dutch championship medal in his suitcase. Expectations were high, and the club spent a massive amount of cash to buy players like Diego and Kjær.

Steve McClaren told reporters after the loss against Cottbus that he didn't know if he can keep his job

19 points, 13th in the league and losing the last cup match before the winter break against 2. Bundesliga side Energie Cottbus hasn’t impressed the fans or the executives at Volkswagen. The Brit will likely be fired if things don’t improve at Wolfsburg.

Micheal Frontzeck

10 points, dead last in the league, the Gladbach coach and his side seem to be doomed. Frontzeck has had a patient supporter in sporting director Max Eberl, but the question is: how long will this patience last?

Armin Veh

Being the coach of Hamburg doesn’t come with a lot of job security. Everybody who has followed German football knows that. The HSV has played brilliant football at times, but also been dreadful at times. Being 9th in the table is certainly not good enough for a side that has ambitions to play Champions League football in the future.

Veh has already said that this is his last coaching job in Germany. He might have to pack his coffers very soon.

Frank Schaefer

Cologne have done better after Schaefer replaced Zvonomir Soldo. But, the team is still not living up to the expectations of the population in the cathedral city.

If the new installed combination of sporting director Volker Finke(earlier legendary Freiburg coach) and Schaefer doesn’t work from the get go, Schaefer might be the one who is getting the boot.

Thomas Schaaf

Werder Bremen have never done worse under Thomas Schaaf then in this year’s season. Having had their asses handed to them almost week after week, sacking the coach of the last 11 years has suddenly become an option.

Thomas Schaaf will probably keep his job. The board will probably expect more of the legend next season.

I will find it likely that the board at Bremen will let Schaaf have one bad season, without a title win and a poor position in the league. Schaaf won’t probably get sacked, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

Louis van Gaal

Bayern has had a bad first half of the season by their standards. The only way a coach stays in charge of the southerners is titles. If van Gaal hasn’t won the cup or done well in the Champions League he might have to go after the end of the season. So it is to early to predict what will happen with Dutchman.

Are there any coaches that I forgot to mention? Who should take over for the coaches that I have mentioned in this article? Should I stop listening to the Kaiser Chiefs when I write my blogposts? Feel free to leave a comment below.