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My tormented weekends

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It is three o’clock at night. I have just woken up, another nightmare about a horrific Werder Bremen match has given my body an uncomfortable feeling, and rendered me sleepless. Being a Werder Bremen fan this season has truly been frightening and  horrific. The weekends I used to long for so much, have tormented me this season. (Yes, I am breaking my personal rule, and write something personal.)

The fans of Werder tried to uplift the players spirit by giving them chocolate after 3-1 defeat against Bayern.

Well, most football fans are like regular people. They can’t know if a car crash on the way to work will take their life at some point in the future, or even if they will be married in 2 years time to the woman they so dearly love. However, where we differ from a huge segment of the population is what we know about our football club of choice. We know that we love that club, and we know that we’ll love this club endlessly forever. Whatever may happen, championships, relegation, bitter defeats, nothing can change that. Football fans have a constant in their life that they can be sure about, many people do not have that.
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Panic on the streets of Bremen

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The team lacks ideas, their performances have been lackluster so far this season. Werder has enormous problems defensively and the otherwise so productive attacking force of the team hasn’t worked either. What are Thomas Schaaf and Klaus Allofs going to do?

Klaus Allofs and Thomas Schaaf have formed one of the best coaching teams of the league for more then 11 years now. While Schaaf knew how to lead his players to victory, Allofs was legendary for finding the right signings. Johan Micoud, Diego, Naldo, Mesut Özil etc. The list of successful signings of Allofs is long.

Bremen in a coma


Mertesacker and Fritz doing what Werder defenders have done most of the time this season: Watching their opponent. (Source, 1. FC Köln Facebook page)

However, this year, it seems, Allofs has lost his magic touch. The Brazilian signing Wesley has been used all of the pitch, but hasn’t impressed on many occasions this season. Silvestre has made the left back position to his special disaster area, and Marko Arnautovic hasn’t scored since the second match of this Bundesliga season. Read the rest of this entry