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  1. Norway played England in Newcastle in 1938.Do you know if any images exist please ? Also are there any websites on the history of German national football.I cannot find any ?

    THANKS !

    • Hi mate,

      there might be pictures of that match, but I wouldn’t know where to find them on the net. But, since those pictures are public domain these days you should be able to contact newspapers etc. that covered the match and ask them for the pictures.

      On German football history, well, that is sort of vague description. I have certainly covered historic subjects on this blog, and over at we have had “rewinds” where great games from the past are relived. Another blog you should check out, that features a lot of footballing history from all around the world is the “Equalizer blog”.

      Thanks for the comment, and thanks for your interest in the beautiful game.



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