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Bundesliga wrap up match day 24

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Dortmund thrashed Bayern in this week’s top match, and some of the teams in the relegation zone break their recent patterns and make the fight for survival more interesting. Here is the Bundesliga wrap up for match day 24. Read the rest of this entry


Bundesliga wrap up match day 23

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“Der Club” from Nürnberg and the 96’ers from Hannover continue their fairytale seasons. Dortmund and Bayern win their matches, before their clash next weekend. Leverkusen is still 10 points behind Dortmund, and Gladbach snatched their first home victory of the 10/11 season. Here is the Bundesliga wrap up for match day 23. Read the rest of this entry

Bundesliga wrap up match day 22

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Bayer Leverkusen shortened the gap between them and Borussia Dortmund down to 10 points, Bayern Munich continued their good run at home, while the troubles continue for Mönchengladbach and Stuttgart. Read the rest of this entry

Bundesliga wrap up match day 21

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This weekend taught us that Manuel Neuer is one of the best, if not the best, goalkeepers in the world. Cologne and Stuttgart came back from being down 2-0 and won their games, let´s dive right into this weekend´s action. Read the rest of this entry

My tormented weekends

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It is three o’clock at night. I have just woken up, another nightmare about a horrific Werder Bremen match has given my body an uncomfortable feeling, and rendered me sleepless. Being a Werder Bremen fan this season has truly been frightening and  horrific. The weekends I used to long for so much, have tormented me this season. (Yes, I am breaking my personal rule, and write something personal.)

The fans of Werder tried to uplift the players spirit by giving them chocolate after 3-1 defeat against Bayern.

Well, most football fans are like regular people. They can’t know if a car crash on the way to work will take their life at some point in the future, or even if they will be married in 2 years time to the woman they so dearly love. However, where we differ from a huge segment of the population is what we know about our football club of choice. We know that we love that club, and we know that we’ll love this club endlessly forever. Whatever may happen, championships, relegation, bitter defeats, nothing can change that. Football fans have a constant in their life that they can be sure about, many people do not have that.
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It is make or break time for “The Foals”

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Last Sunday night saw Borussia Mönchengladbach take an important victory against “The Eagles” from Frankfurt. And, as it turns out, “The Foals” have the chance to climb up the table very quickly in the next few weeks, because Gladbach play seven of the bottom table sides in the next nine matches.

Berti Vogts chasing a player for the national team. Back in Gladbach's glory days pictures in newspapers were published in black and white.

Borussia Mönchengladbach have a rich history, but have given their fans very little to cheer about since their cup victory in 1995. Their autumn season this year has been the worst in the club’s history, with a ten point return from 17 matches.  Gladbach haven’t won a single game at home this season, and given away 19 points from winning positions in matches so far this season. Bundesliga experts like Raphael Honigstein have already said that “The Foals” are destined to go down. Read the rest of this entry

Sweeten’ the pain

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Werder Bremen thanked their fans for their kindness. This picture is taken from their Facebook-site.

Werder Bremen didn’t manage to take any points against Bayern Munich, but their fans show that they are still supporting the team: to console the players after the unbearable 3-1 loss at home against Bayern Munich, a number of fans put chocolate onto the players cars.

The fans of Werder Bremen truly deserve praise. If any other German club that was said to be a contender for a Champions League spot would be fighting relegation, their fans wouldn’t probably give them chocolate.

The team can start to repay their fans by winning the next away game against Mainz 05.