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In this day and age anybody can write what they want about football, the Bundesliga etc., on their own blog, on twitter and on Facebook. A lot of what is written can be categorized as brain farts, writing without a purpose or goal, and it is not worth reading(I certainly wouldn’t exclude my blog from this catagory). But, every once in a while I stumble upon a site on the internet that is great, and gives me food for thought. Here are a few blogs, magazines and podcasts that are worth checking out.

The blogger Vampy Archer is currently a writer at the Bleacher Report and Back Page Football. His blog is worth looking at: Vampy’s blog

You can also find a lot of great posts on the Bundesliga on Defensive Midfielder and Unprofessional Foul.

Gerry Wittman and his team of writers update their site almost on a daily basis. You can find the latest news, analytic articles and a bunch of nice interviews on The Bundesliga fanatic. I am amongst the sites writers.

For all the latest on Bayer 04 Leverkusen, go to An excellent page for all the fans of “Die Werkself”.

My favorite blog about football is “Swiss Ramble”, written by Kieron O’Connor. The Brit unravels the mystery of how football clubs are run economically on this entertaining and fascinating blog: The Swiss Ramble

“The 12th man” is a magazine for British football fans written by freelance journalists. Always an interesting read:The 12th man.

The “Kicker” is probably the most knowledgeable German football publication. For hard facts, and good analysis you should turn to their pages(only for German speakers):Kicker.

“11 Freunde” is a magazine full of interesting background stuff and good feature articles. Top notch football journalism from Germany, and yes, German speakers only(sadly):11 Freunde.

Back Page Football, great magazines that features a variety of topics from all around the world. Have a look yourself:Back page football.

“The Bundesliga podcast” is a podcast created by Dan Levy and Andy Scott, and it takes the listeners through all the Bundesliga action that occurred on the weekend before. The best podcast about the Bundesliga by freaking miles: The Bundesliga Podcast

Any other blogs, podcasts or magazines that should be mentioned? Leave a comment and I will gladly update this section of my blog.


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  1. Thank you for the mention. I’m a big fan of Swiss Ramble, also. SO many wonderful blogs….the Equaliser, Run of Playing, Talking about Football, Serie A Weekly, Ligue 1 Talk, IMSoccer News (for fans of American lower division soccer), In Bed with Maradonna. You are doing a great job with Norwgian Musings….

    • Likewise. I like the Bundesliga fanatic a lot, and I am honored to be amongst those who get to write for it. Thanks again for the various plugs from your side today. I have a record number of visitors today, and I have gotten comments from people who haven’t been on this site before, which is always nice.

      You are right, there are so many great pages on the net. I think there are probably thousands of great football blogs, but at one point you have to go to bed and sleep.

  2. Hey nice blog you have here!

    Could you add mine:

    I will add yours to my Bundesliga Blog Links List

    • Hi, thanks, I have read your blog before and planned on adding it next month when I´ll extend this page. But, since you asked so kindly, I simply added your blog before all the other blogs I planned on adding to this page. Keep up the good work!


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