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Reviewed: Wigbert Löer and Rainer Schäfer – René Schnitzler ZOCKERLIGA, Ein Fussballprofi packt aus

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René Schnitzler during his playing days at FC St. Pauli.

Remember René Schnitzler? The striker who Michael Skibbe back in his under 21 German national team days said to be twice the striker Mario Gomez was? No? Considering that Schnitzler’s biggest achievement in his playing career so far are 33 matches for the 2. Bundesliga club FC St. Pauli, only scoring 7 goals, hardly a good a return for a striker, it is maybe not that strange that you’d never have heard of him or that he slipped your mind. However, Schnitzler’s life and wasted talent is the theme of the book ”René Schnitzler Zockerliga – Ein Fussballprofi packt aus”. Read the rest of this entry


Thoughts about Ronald Reng’s Enke biography, part 2

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Continuing my thoughts about Robert Enke… The words of Theo Zwanziger at Enke’s funeral are still ringing in my ears: why on earth did Zwanziger bring up the issue of homosexual footballers at Enke’s memorial service?

Germany was grieving the death of Robert Enke. A man who wasn’t known for creating a lot of noise around him, like

Theo Zwanziger is popular in the gay community because of his commitment for gay rights.

Jens Lehmann or Oliver Kahn. A keeper’s keeper, as Robert Reng points out. Probably on his way to the World Cup in South Africa, he had committed suicide. DFB-president Theo Zwanziger had the hard task of trying to find the right words at Robert Enke’s memorial service in the AWD-arena. Zwanziger pointed out that German football had to do some soul searching, and had to ask itself some tough questions. Zwanziger thought that it was appropriate to bring up the issue of homosexuality in professional football.
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