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Wishful thinking: This is what could stop Bayern from winning the salad bowl

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Bayern Munich are everybody’s favorite to win the German title this season. But, Bayern have been beaten in the championship race in the past. Here is what is important when battling against Bayern Munich for the championship.

This "lovely" trophy is up for grabs again in the 11/12 season of the Bundesliga.

All evidence is pointing towards a championship winning campaign for Bayern Munich. The team from Bavaria have usually taken the salad bowl home after the German national team have had the entire summer off in the recent past. Furthermore, the Bavarians are the biggest spenders in this transfer window, and have strengthened their side considerably with quality signings like Manuel Neuer, Nils Petersen and Rafinha. Some fans have even begun to embrace some of the silliest stats that are out there to convince themselves that Bayern won’t win the championship. Did you know that Heynckes is too old to win the championship somebody asked on Twitter. True, he’d be the oldest coach to win this title, but Heynckes isn’t a befuddled senior who pours red wine in his coffee cup while sitting half-naked on the bus. I’ll try to give you some decent stats and trends that could indicate that Bayern can be beaten to the championship. Read the rest of this entry


The teams that never made it

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Eintracht Braunschweig, SV Waldhof Mannheim and SC Preußen Münster, three clubs struggling in the lower divisions of German football nowadays. Removed from glory, only a look in the history books will give you a reason for why one should take a closer look at these teams!

The three of them have in common that they all at one point played in Germany’s top flight. But, these days their goals have become different. Maybe a spot in the 3. Liga next season would be nice, or being an established team in the 2. Bundesliga in five years time? Hardly the stuff football fans dream about at night. Back in the day the fans of Waldhof, Eintracht and Preußen could dream about winning championship medals,so let’s explore the history of each of those clubs. Read the rest of this entry