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The Norwegian connections: How have they fared?

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On the 17th of May 1814 the Norwegian constitution was enacted, and we mark this occasion by feeding children far too much ice-cream, sausages and lemonade. Furthermore, people march in the streets, wave Norwegian flags, the national anthem is sung, and Norway is celebrated for all its glory.

Yes, once more it is time for children to consume a lot of unhealthy stuff, and for the balancing act that parents have to do on this most glorious of all national holidays: How much crap can little Olav Håkon eat and drink before things go terribly wrong in the car, or even worse, when he sits on auntie Tora Therese’s lap? I have decided to mark this ocassion in my own, very special way. Well, it is the Norwegian national day “Bundesliga edition”. I am going to give a run down of how the Norwegian players, and players who have formerly played in the Tippeliga have fared in the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga. Read the rest of this entry


Still ill, the story about Louis van Gaal’s problems

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“I decree today that life is simply taking, and not giving”, Morrissey sang in the ‘The Smiths’ classic pop song ‘Still Ill’ in 82. Many Bayern fans, and maybe even Louis van Gaal, may feel the same way after the teams recent performances.

Louis van Gaal and Bayern have a tough 10 matches left to play this season.

Two losses at home are a rare thing for the Bavarians, who in fact haven’t done that since 2001. After the exit in the cup, and the dreadful season so far, Bayern have only the Champions League left. Last year the team unexpectedly reached the final of the competition that pitches Europe’s finest against each other. Reviewing Bayern’s counterparts and their form so far this season, it will take a lot for Bayern to win this competition, and at the moment it seems rather unlikely that it will happen for the reds. Read the rest of this entry