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Bundesliga wrap up match day 20

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Nobody would be surprised if Tim Wiese’s favorite movie is “The Karate Kid”, or if anybody died during the game in the Veltins Arena of sheer boredom. Here is what happened in Bundesliga round 20. Read the rest of this entry



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Most people wouldn’t dare to accuse footballers of being the sharpest knife in the drawer. Here are my top 15 quotes of German footballers and coaches to prove these people right.

Bastian Schweinsteiger has hopefully taken some geography lessons in the recent past.

15. “Shanghai has 22 million inhabitants. Europe doesn’t have many more either”, Bastian Schweinsteiger demonstrated his excellent knowledge about geography after landing in Shanghai with the German national team.

14. “I own 70% of the goal, and Wilmots owns 40% of it”, Schalke legend Ingo Anderbrügge demonstrates his skills as a hobby mathematician.

13. “Football is like chess. Just without the dice”, Lukas Podolski has his very own take on the game of football.

12. “I would like to go south for the holidays, Canada would be lovely”, Mehmet Scholl after the end of the season. Maybe Scholl had the same geography teacher as Schweinsteiger?

11. “Milan or Madrid, the only thing that it is important to me is that it is Italy”, Andreas Möller talking about a possible transfer.

10. Former Schalke coach Fritz Langner surprised some of his players by saying:”The five of you get here, and play four against three”. Read the rest of this entry