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The football mad tyrant

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Over the last few weeks Muammar Gaddafi’s face has been all over the papers, news broadcasts and online news sites. While the media has focused on NATO’s bombardment of his country and lavish fees paid to American entertainers, news of Gaddafi’s ties to European football have been marginalized, saving European football clubs another round of embarrassment on the world stage.

Loves his football: Gaddafi.

Artists like Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Usher and 50 cent have been spotlighted  because they had received money to perform at one of the private parties that were financed by the Gaddafi family’s money. (Well, if you thought that tyrants and their children had redeeming sides like great taste in art and music you are horribly mistaken). Their fees were paid from monies taken from Libya’s massive oil revenues that has been spread around the entire world on off-shore accounts, at Swiss banks etc.

The Gaddafi’s store 8 billion dollars of their fortune in the Libyan capital of Tripoli alone according to former central bank governor Farhat Bengdara, while common Libyans suffer daily in poverty.  While the entertainers have been exposed, Gaddafi’s links with big European clubs in Italy and Germany haven’t been discussed in the international media during NATO’s and the revolutionaries struggle against the tyrant. Read the rest of this entry


Challenge: Picking An All-Time World Football XI

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There are a number of things that can drive a man insane. For me it can be anything from crying babies next to me on an airplane journey from Oslo to Istanbul, or having to listen to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga for an entire evening that other people said would be “fun”. But, the challenge that I received almost 48 hours ago has driven me more insane then all those things.

I was challenged, sort of, by Vampy Archer to pick an all-time world football XI during a discussion on Twitter this monday. Considering how spoilt for choice one is when one is looking back on over 100 years of football history, this turned out to be a recipe for disaster for me. I have certainly 150-200 players that I’d consider to be amongst my favorite players. Furthermore, most of them aren’t really considered to be amongst the finest players that the sport has produced.

At the same time I was trying to create a starting line-up that would look somewhat feasible on paper. What made it even harder was that Vampy chose to leave Zidane, Pele,  and Maradonna out of his starting XI. I considered it fair sportsmanship to leave them out as well. What a mistake, considering the vast amount of talent that comes behind them. Well, leaving out Maradonna was easy enough, considering that I never really liked the person, but had the outmost respect for the man on the pitch.

At the end of the road I discovered that I am a somewhat sentimental person. I do love a number of players, and can’t let go of them, even if everybody else thinks that these players have no place in all-time world football XI. Some people might even call me insane, and rightly so. I love being insane. Here is my all-time world football XI. Read the rest of this entry