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Who is floating my boat? Gomez or Klose

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Well, the headline of this article is somewhat misleading. I think. The reason for this somewhat silly title is the fact that I am sitting on a ferry which at this very moment is taking me from Hirtshals, Denmark, to beautiful Kristiansand in Norway.

And yes, sitting here in the restaurant of this ferry, I can observe human kind unfold themselves from their greedy side. Literally. The fat bloke two tables is so found of salmon, I’d be staggered if there were any fish left in the sea after we have docked. The lady I just met at the buffet had given up on wiping her face all together in pursuit of stuffing the maximum amount of food into herself as quickly as humanly possible. Hygiene is for the weak minded, those poor bastards who society has manipulated into think that getting your money’s worth at the buffet is in-polite, and disturbing for those who surround you. The kid in front of me is just putting a shrimp up his nose, to the delight of his Danish parents. A group of young men are getting their money’s worth by drinking as much beer as they humanly can. Good grievance to the man who has to drive them home…

In an environment like that there is only one thing that can put the disturbing images of the Nordic going full blown mental out of my mind. Pondering about German football.

Klose or Gomez, who is the better choice?

The question most vividly discussed by fans of the German national team these days is: Who should be the lone striker in Löw’s 4-2-3-1 system? After Mario Gomez’s two excellent performances against Belgium and Turkey, it seems like Miroslav Klose has lost the edge in the battle for a place in the starting line-up.

The former Kaiserslautern, Bremen and Bayern Munich striker has been a given in the national team for almost a decade, racking up an impressive 62 goals in 112 caps. Gerd Müller’s record of 68 goals for the boys in white and black seems a reachable target it seems. However, Gomez is the man of the hour. Carrying last season’s imitable form into the fall of the 11/12 has lifted the Bayern striker’s confidence through the roof, and Gomez can score at free will it seems.

So, who should Löw pick? He certainly won’t listen to a little football blog like my pokey little page, but I’ll go ahead anyway and make a pros and cons list for both Klose and Gomez, before reaching a conclusion on who Löw should pick.



Known quantity. Has performed well for Germany before in big tournaments.

Understands Löw’s system, that is why Löw preferred him to Gomez last year even though Klose was sitting on the bench at Bayern.

Can lift a team when things don’t seem to go the team’s more than Gomez seems to be able to at this point.

Seems to link up much better with Podolski(who, let’s face it, is a given) than Gomez does.

Drops deep to help the team more often than Gomez.


At 33 years Klose is getting up there. He won’t be around for too long. It would do Gomez a world of good to get some starts in a big tournament.

Prone to injuries. Has often small niggles, that keep him out for a while.



The way Gomez is playing in the Bundesliga these days, how on earth could you leave him on the bench.

There a few strikers who are as effective as Gomez in front of goal. One chance is often enough for the man with the 20s paper boy haircut.

Plays with many of the Bayern players on a daily basis, and knows them well from club football. Klose will have been away from Bayern Munich for a season when the Euros start in 2012.


Is very much a confidence player. If things don’t go his way, he doesn’t seem to be able to turn things around.

Is a dreadful sub.


A close match up between the two former Bayern team mates, with slight advantages to Miro Klose. However, it is a long time before the Euro 2012 tournament starts. So, nothing seems to be certain at this point. Well, if anything, I managed to waste a lot of time staring at my screen instead of watching some of the people around me who otherwise would have thoroughly disgusted me. Mission accomplished.

Are there any pros or cons I have left out of my equation? Well, feel free to tell me in the comment section below.


About Niklas

Niklas Wildhagen has been following the Bundesliga for over 20 years and he is the editor in chief of the Bundesliga fanatic.

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  1. Good thing you’ve never seen me at a buffet, Niklas lol.

  2. I was in the pro-Klose camp till he signed with Lazio. Why did he sign with that club out of all the clubs in the world? Anyhow, Klose is playing well for his new club, but let’s face it, he’s playing in Serie A not the Bundesliga!

    Seriously though, Jogi cannot put one of the hottest strikers in Europe on the bench, so if Gomez stays healthy and is in top form, he should start.


    Miro fan for Mario

  3. I have a weird aversion to Gomez – I think his eyes are too close together, hush, that’s a perfectly valid objection – so I know what my choice is. I just feel more… confident when Klose is on the field. You say Gomez is extremely effective – well, I’ve seen him make more misses that give me a desire to put my head in direct and powerful contact with a wall than any other striker. I’m terrified that we’d have a massive game and he would pull one of those and cost the EUROs. He just makes me nervous.

    • well, there very little between sublime and total disaster when it comes to Gomez. But, take a look at his numbers in the league, in Europe, and now in the national team as well, and you’ll have a hard time justifying dropping Gomez. I’m on the fence when it comes to deciding who I’ll like to be the striker at the Euros. Gun to my head, I’d probably go with Klose, but things can easily change in the next few months.

  4. I really don’t get how, after all he’s done, people are so ready and willing to shove Klose aside. If he wasn’t performing of if age caught up to him it’s one story but the guy is still doing the job for the NT and until that changes, why marginalize him? Doesn’t this go against Löw’s principles?

  5. Use Klose up till there’s no more. If I need a goal poached or a fluky score that sends my side through in a big match in Euro 2012, I’m picking Miroslav.

    He’s a Roman legend now, after all. And Nik’s right–Gomez is pants coming in as a sub. If Miro takes a knock or is slow to return for one thing or another, then go with Gomez & bring Klose off the bench for a poaching.

  6. Klose is having a terrific impact on serie A, I was skeptic when Lazio bought him as he was no more used to be a regular in his last seasons.
    After the winner in Roma -Lazio he’a a dressing room leader and a fan favorite.

  7. Germany must start Klose if they expect to win. Gomez, despite all of his goals, does not get them in big games. In 2011-2012, he score 0 in 3 games against Moenchengladbach, 0 in 3 games against Dortmund, 0 in 2 gaes against Schalke, 0 in 2 games against Leverksuen, 0 in the game against Chelsea, and 1 in two games gainst Real Madrid.

    Gomez just does not create chances. lose makes runs and is a better passer. There is a reason he has outperformed Gomez against godcompetition. Finally, he is the far better header.


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