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Elsewheres: “Zsolt Korcsmár: A defender reaching for the stars?”

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I have in the past often been asked to contribute to other blogs and most of the time I declined the offer politely. With work, studying, and other social commitments there isn’t enough time in the day to say yes to every offer I get.

However, when Tomasz Mortimer of asked me to contribute an article to his side I couldn’t decline. His side has kept me up to date on Hungarian football, and also taught me a lot about the football culture and history I knew so little about. Please check out my article on his side, “Zsolt Korcsmár: A defender reaching for the stars?”.

And while you are at it, take a good long look at some of the other content on, and add it to your bookmarks. It is one of the finest football sites out there!


About Niklas

Niklas Wildhagen has been following the Bundesliga for over 20 years and he is the editor in chief of the Bundesliga fanatic.

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  1. I enjoyed that article and will check more out on that site. I have not seen him play before but I will put him on my radar for sure and try and get some clips.

    • thanks for the nice comment Moritz. I really think that is a fantastic site. I have enjoyed their work for a long time now.


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