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First off, sorry to all my regular readers that I haven’t been able to update my blog on a regular basis lately, I have unfortunately been super busy lately. Here come some thoughts, with three match days left of the Bundesliga.

I am currently on stand by here at the train station in Oslo. The bartender just told the man sitting, well, hanging on to a bar stool that he should pace himself. “5 glasses of wine per hour shouldn’t be exceeded, you have been here for 12 hours after all”. Outside the bar, which is the only thing that has open on this Easter holiday, some drug addicts are just hanging out, and on the TV the last minutes on Man City vs. Blackburn is on. A perfect time to put something into my Mac then, isn’t it? So, here goes, some ramblings about the Bundesliga.

Philipp Lahm and Bayern Munich are desperately trying to reach the Champions League.

The top
Well, all is done and dusted at the top. Or, is it? Dortmund are leading by 5 points, and Kevin Grosskreutz is badly in need of a new haircut. Dortmund’s run in isn’t the easiest, and with Nuremberg waiting in the next match we could potential see an upset. I doubt that Nuremberg are able to pull of a win away against Dortmund. Best case scenario for “The club” is a draw away. That should send Mainz on its way to Europe, considering how the teams behind Nuremberg have looked rather appalling in the last few weeks. Hamburg, Schalke, Hoffenheim and Freiburg are not really a threat for the Europa League places at the moment.

The most exciting part right now, is the race between Bayern Munich and Hannover 96. It is difficult to figure out how this one is going to end, with Bayern being shamefully poor away from home and Hannover always coming back after having lost. Additionally Didier Ya Konan and Sergio Pinto will be available next week. So this could go either way. My money is on Bayern to be honest, considering how they will most likely get a result from their last home matches. Key for Bayern is their next away match, in which they must get away from their bad habit of performing poorly on the road, and pull off a victory.

Podolski celebrates goal against Freiburg, his tenth of the season.

The mid-table
Who gives a damn? Most of those teams have only their pride to play for, and this has shown through in the last few matches. Hamburg, Freiburg, Hoffenheim and Schalke were all poor, in last weekend’s Bundesliga action. The only team that put up an average performance were Schalke, who also rested players before their Champions League match against Manchester United.

The cellar dwellers
Well, St. Pauli are set to go down. Here and now I say that I will shave my face for three weeks, and get rid of my beloved facial hair if St. Pauli manage to stay in the league.

Gladbach have a tough road ahead of them, and they must win against Hannover next weekend. If they don’t manage to pull off a victory their, I think that they are goners.

Magath's medicine balls might rescue Wolfsburg. This photograph was taken during his Schalke days.

The other teams currently trying to avoid the loathed play off spot are Wolfsburg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. I am going out on a limb here and say that Cologne are the team that look the most likely to finish there at the moment. If their bad run of results continue, and Wolfsburg and Frankfurt continue to gather points Cologne could finish third from bottom.

Once again: Sorry
Right now a homeless person is staring through the bar window, and is taking a really good look at me. I can only assume that he is trying to impersonate a wolf, or a tiger, going by the sounds and gestures he makes at me. Well… That wasn’t the point of the paragraph, and no, I won’t put up a picture of this man who has fallen on hard times.

Well, sorry to all of you who have visited the blog, hoping to find something exciting on these pages, but were disappointed by the lack of new material over the course of the last few weeks. I promise that I will do better in the next few weeks!

Do you agree, or disagree with any of my ramblings? Leave a comment below.


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  1. He was a Wolfman Nik! With Schaefer bowing out, it seems there’s something strange going on behind the doors at Billygoat Mansion and you might be right on pegging them to go down. As for the mid-table–exactly.


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