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Speakers’ corner #1

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This is the first installment of a new segment here on my blog called “Speakers’ corner”. Named after the legendary place in London’s Hyde park. The point of it all, dear reader, is to provide a change of pace, some fresh input to my blog. In this segment other bloggers and friends of this blog get the chance to write about whatever they please to write about, as long as it is about football.

The first blogger who graciously agreed to do this segment is Vampy Archer. You can follow Vampy on Twitter, and you should visit his excellent blog here. Vampy is a huge fan of the Bundesliga, much like myself, but his blog covers a wide range of issues besides German football as well. I am pleased and honored that he decided to write this excellent piece for my quirky little blog. Enjoy!

When Passion becomes Obsession…

You‘ve got nowhere to run!

In this world of “twitter-age”, we have come to the point where the voices of one’s mind are heard and propagate through the distance with no strings of bounds attached. Anyone can comment on anyone’s comments. Mostly, what lacks in that “process” — and what should never be taken for granted — is respect.

True; one’s opinion matters — and might stand right — but there is no right to disdain the others’ just because theirs’ is not in the rhythm of your opinion. What causes such force to deny the ideas and opinions of others and even edging towards disrespecting them personally? It might come to one point — one way or another — that we are helots of our own desires; the slaves of our minds; the masters of our perspicaciousness; and the old preys of our own passions.

Your opinion matters, really. It is like a flare which is lit on football stands and many others faces are glowed with the light of it then the whole section of that stand start singing, dancing, and start clamoring around that flare and you all form an eidos which represents one school of thought. Suddenly the nearby stand starts joining you and in wakes of few moments the entire stadium has created a ‘lebensraum’ of their own. Such is the power of one human mind. It plays like that everywhere; schools, colleges, campus, hoods, social media platforms — everywhere.

What matters in the end is how effective that thought was. Negative or positive; it has the potential of inosculating many other ideas in to one branch of tree — bearing fruits and giving shadows or just naked tree with damned existence scorched to death.

It’s about how represent yourself. As a player takes on the field and entertains the crowd with his 90-minutes appearance. Some people are tetchy, granted: but if you are being forceful and gasconade about something then it doesn’t turn out healthy, eventually. The opinions form ideas; they turn in to perceptions, carving out as passion. When the passion borders to obsession then we have got a problem right there.

The thing is humans defend their passion. But they will kill for their obsession.

Finding the middle ground is necessary. Passion for sports; football in our case, is a good thing. It gives an option to meet new people, share experiences, enjoy the big matches together, reminisce the glorious past, and defend some ideologies against those who differ. It’s all good. That’s how the societies work — Twitter works.

But when you are obsessed with something like: obsessed with a team; a player; a manager; a match; and likewise then you start pulling off some antics which were never expected from you at first place. It does no good to you. You become captious and limn others as cynic when it’s you who is missing the plot. Denying the parity altogether; you start bashing others for not being in the frame of your thoughts (obsession) and start losing the standing ground when it’s all over.

In state of obsession one even loses the trait of contradistinguishing the right from wrong. It only gives miasma with many lacunae. No one likes that. There comes a time when I really start liking those people who are reticent when it comes to revealing their thoughts. They hide. Better. Nothing unpleasant comes at the end. They go their way. I go mine. But we shared drinks and talked on the match while when it came to sharing thoughts on some things of passionate nature involving some past, they smiled and remained silent. I say again. Better.

It’s important to respect others. It’s important to hold your horses sometimes. It’s important to listen how others evaluate your favorite teams and players. You can defend, yes. But you can’t change their thoughts, never. Be passionate. But never get obsessed with anything. It will serve all better. Obsession is like a fire which encircles everything and burns it down while you keep watching it but when it comes to realization, the fire was ‘you’.


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Niklas Wildhagen has been following the Bundesliga for over 20 years and he is the editor in chief of the Bundesliga fanatic.

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  1. The bigger question is: Who started the fire? Because Billy Joel claims we didn’t/sorry, had to.


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