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Yet, another detour through history

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The match between Germany and Italy is just moments away. Yesterday we looked at the history between those two sides. Let’s take another detour through history and look at the historic moments each of them have produced on their own.

The memories of football fans is very selective. I certainly do remember my favorite team’s(Werder Bremen, if you must know) win of the double in 2004 very vividly. Other things, like last weekend’s awful performance, they are just

The German national getting ready for an away match against Italy in 1929. Germany won this match 2-1. (Source: Bundesarchiv)

lingering at the back of my mind. Resting, still there, as a stored memory, but never coming to the forefront of my mind. They elude me. Italian victories are in that category, so are German defeats. When Germany and Italy are going up against each other, I am always supporting my Germans. However, I gave myself the task of retrieving some of these memories that have eluded me, and I put together this little selection. I have chosen five historic moments produced by each of these sides, and they include memories I wish I didn’t have and sheer moments of joy, glory and the memory of the feeling you felt at that very moment. I have put them together in a mix that will hopefully delight you, dear reader!

Most people probably remember Italy’s most recent World Cup victory in 2006. After a fantastic win against Germany, the team managed to beat France in a fantastic penalty shoot out. This final will live on in the minds of most football fans, considering what happened between Zidane and Matterazzi… Here are the last moments of that final.

South Korea was the first Asian team to get into the semifinals of a World Cup. Italy made that possible by loosing to them 2-1.

On the way to their World Cup victory in 1982 Italy defeated Brazil 3-2 in a cracking game of football.

One of the most attractive matches of football that has ever been played was the 1978 match between the Netherlands and Italy. The Netherlands reached the final of this controversial World Cup, and on their way to final they met an fantastic Italian side, and defeated them 2-1.

Let’s end or review of historic Italian moments on a high note. Italy has for a long time one of the dominant super powers of football for a long time. The “Azzuri” won their first World Cup already in 1934. Here are the highlights from their final against Czechoslovakia.

Fritz Walter, Max Morlock, Helmut Rahn, names that bring a smile to every fan of German football. The three of them played a vital part in Germany’s first World Cup victory in Bern, Switzerland.

Another pleasent memory is the penalty shoot out between Germany and France in 1982. This semi final was a thriller, and both of the teams deserved to go through to the next round. However, Germany had lady luck on their side.

However, this game is not only known, because of the glory Germany achieved. German keeper Toni Schumacher launched one of the worst tackles of his career against the Frenchman Battiston.

Another low for German football was the European Championship of 1992. Coming of a World Cup victory in 1990, the team was expected to be amongst the favorites. Reaching the final against surprise team Denmark, a German victory seemed to be the only possible outcome of the game. Unfortunately, the Danes won this game.

The last historic moment I will share with you is one of the greatest moments of German football history. I wasn’t born back then, but the video of this game is amongst my favorites. It never fails to lift my spirits. I am, of course, talking about Germany’s World Cup victory win against the Netherlands in the 1974 World Cup.

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