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Cisse vs. Gekas

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The two of them were the leading goal scores of the autumn campaign, today their teams play each other.

The clash of the goal scoring titans is just hours away, and it looks like both strikers have overcome their injury problems and will start the match for their respective sides. So what kind of match can we expect when “The Breisgau Brazilians” take on “The Eagles”?

Freiburg have in the past weeks shown that they somewhat can replace Cisse, and have gathered 5 points from the first three games of their spring campaign. Frankfurt on the other hand have lost all three games, and haven’t scored a single goal. Adding into the equation that Freiburg are playing at home, the team from Baden Würtenberg emerge as the clear favorites for this game.

The Gekas factor

Will Theo Gekas and Eintracht Frankfurt celebrate their first victory in 2011?

Theofanis Gekas has scored in all of Frankfurt’s victories, making him the cornerstone of Frankfurt’s success last autumn. The Greek international is among the dying breed of strikers that simply can’t be bothered to run into his own team’s half to do some of the dirty work. Simply waiting for opportunity to arrive, Gekas has managed to score 14 goals this season. Being unpredictable, this man has given headaches to many defenders around Germany. Frankfurt’s success this evening will heavily depend on Gekas being able to inflict pain on the Freiburg defense.

Freiburg’s way forward

Robin Dutt’s men have certainly surprised German football lovers by staying out of the relegation fight. Being seven points away from the season goal of 40 points, Freiburg can allow themselves to look forward to what comes next. The big teams behind them, Bremen, Stuttgart and Schalke, have all had dreadful seasons and they will most likely place behind Freiburg at the end of the season. In front of them Freiburg have Mainz and Hannover, two teams that most certainly weren’t expected to be up there as well. Mainz have shown varying form after their seven victories in a row in the beginning of the season, and Hannover have had lady luck on their side on many occasions this season.

Freiburg will in the coming weeks have to fight against these sides for a place in an international competition next season. Not letting “The eagles” fly today might be the first step in the direction of a place in the Europa League. Having said that, Theofanis Gekas is able to fly when nobody expects him to.

(You can watch this match on Eurosport 2 if you are from Northern or Eastern Europe.)


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