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No confessions from the shopaholic

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Schalke’s fans do not even care about their club’s poor performance so far this season, all their anger is angled towards Felix Magath’s transfer policy. The iron man himself brushes the off the criticism of his policies, and calls himself a good business man.

Felix Magath adresses his players during a training session.

“Insane”, “madness”, or words to those extend have been uttered by many Schalke fans after what happened on January 31st. “Magath should confess that he is in over his head with all the different roles he has taken at the club”, a Schalke fan wrote on a fan forum. Magath doesn’t think that he has made any mistakes whatsoever. “It is financially wise to buy these players”, Magath told Bild. Not admitting any wrong doing, Magath scared many Schalke fans by saying:”I think that the players we have brought in will strengthen the squad and give us the quality that we needed for the last matches of the season.”

Magath’s managing style has always been controversial. He has bought a total of 40 players during his time in Schalke, and sold almost the same amount of players. Raphael Honigstein once remarked on “The Bundesliga podcast” that most players got tired of Magath after a season or two. So, maybe Magath has to take those drastic actions to keep his squad happy?

The shopping spree
Felix Magath bough yet another left back in Danilo Avelar, and added Ali Karimi and Angelos Charistaes to his squad

Maybe some of the new signings of Schalke 04 will enjoy Magath's medicine balls.

on the last day of the transfer window. Both these players are over 30 years old, and over the top. Both of them have played in the Bundesliga. Karimi played for Bayern Munich, and during his three seasons in Bavaria he showed that he lacked the pace to compete in the Bundesliga, while Charistaes is known for his ability to miss absolute sitters. The only transfer, it seems, that made sense was Anthony Annan who came from Rosenborg Trondheim. The Norwegian media have speculated for a long time when Annan would leave Norwegian football. Annan received the best player of the season award by Norwegian tabloid Dagbladet for his performance in the 2010 season. Furthermore, Annan was one of the cornerstones that led Ghana to the quarter finals of the World Cup in South Africa.  I have seen Annan in action a number of times, and I have to say that Schalke made a good purchase when they bought him.

Get out of jail free card

Manuel Neuer has to be at his best if Schalke want to beat Borussia Dortmund.

This evening’s match against the arch rival from Dortmund is more important then ever for Felix Magath. If his team gets a win, the Schalke fans will again feel that their team might be on the right way. It will silence the critics for a couple of days, and give Magath some breathing room. However, if Magath’s team will lose the questions about his ability to steer the club into the right direction will also be discussed.

Has Felix Magath lost his mind? Who is going to win the grudge match between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04? Leave a comment.


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