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Sweeten’ the pain

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Werder Bremen thanked their fans for their kindness. This picture is taken from their Facebook-site.

Werder Bremen didn’t manage to take any points against Bayern Munich, but their fans show that they are still supporting the team: to console the players after the unbearable 3-1 loss at home against Bayern Munich, a number of fans put chocolate onto the players cars.

The fans of Werder Bremen truly deserve praise. If any other German club that was said to be a contender for a Champions League spot would be fighting relegation, their fans wouldn’t probably give them chocolate.

The team can start to repay their fans by winning the next away game against Mainz 05.


About Niklas

Niklas Wildhagen has been following the Bundesliga for over 20 years and he is the editor in chief of the Bundesliga fanatic.

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  1. Leaving chocolate like that is pretty awesome of the Werder Bremen fans. I think I’d be motivated to run my tail off for fans like that.

  2. Mainz is up next. they have show relegation form after their 7 victories in a row… 15 points from 13 games isn’t that impressive. But, there is always hope that things turn around.


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