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We have already seen that athletes aren’t necessarily the best at plugging products, but to hear them sing takes it to an entirely new level. Here are the top ten worst songs recorded by athletes.

10. Keving Keegan, Head over heels in love
Keving Keegan is a better singer then manager. Here is why.

9. Andy Cole, Outstanding
Andy Cole’s song Outstanding is a product of the 90’s, but sounds even awful compared to most crappy music from that decade.

8. Shaquille O’Neal, (I know I got) Skillz
The lyrics are probably amongst the worst hip-hop lyrics ever recorded. People who bought this song when it came out in 1993 must be mad as a hatter.

7. Oscar De La Hoya, Run to me
De La Hoya has been among the best heavy weight fighters the world has ever seen. Why his 2000 debut album was nominated for a Grammy baffles me.

6. Carl Lewis, Break it up
The only thing that is more embarrassing then this reggae infused pop-song, is the video that accompanies it.

5. Paul Gascoigne, Fog on the tyne
Yet another 90’s song that leaves a lot to be desired. Gazza can’t sing or rap and is trying to do both here.

4.Glenn & Chris – Diamond Lights
Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle decided to record this synthesizer infused pop song. Turns out, the two of them are a poor man’s a-ha with a touch of Pet Shop Boys. Puke.

3. Kobe Bryant, K.O.B.E.
This rap song from the year 2000 is a whole side worse then the song of the other basketballer on the list. Kobe Bryant recorded this crime against humanity just as he was turning into the best player in the NBA.

2. Ian Wright, Do the right thing
This is the one and only single that Ian Wright has recorded. The former golden boot winner and Arsenal striker stinks up the room in this one.

1. Paul Gascoigne, Geordie boys
Well, this early 90’s song is probably the most annoying thing an athlete ever has recorded. Well done Gazza, only athlete with two songs on the list and the first place.

Did I forget to include any songs? Wish to defend any of the recordings I have mentioned above? Don’t hesitate, leave a comment below.


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Niklas Wildhagen has been following the Bundesliga for over 20 years and he is the editor in chief of the Bundesliga fanatic.

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